SEC-E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine – Newest Version – New Locksmith Starter Bundle – 3 FREE Key Programmers

$3,000.00 $2,450.00


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and the

SEC-E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine

  • Built-in database, support key missing teeth inquiry
  • Light weight, small size, easy to work out
  • Equipped with two spindle belts, decoder and cutter
  • Interpretation and cutting can be completed at one time
  • Support plain milling key, face milling key, Allen key(F021), Stiletto key andCylinders key
  • Support network remote upgrade, no need to return to factory
  • Repair the wear keys to recover the original precision
  • Includes: High Security Automotive Clamp and BONUS: HU66 Clamp for VW, Audi, and Porsche

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  • Power: 120W
  • Dimension: 255(W)*360(H)*340(D)mm
  • Weight: 24KG
  • Resolution: XY: 0.005mm Z: 0.0015mm
  • Spindle Revolution: 11000+rpm
  • Temperature: 0-40℃
  • Humidity: 10-90%


1. On/off

The step of turing on it: Firstly turn on the machine(Red big button), then tablet(small button on the left top of machine)

The step of turing off it:Firstly turn off the tablet(small button on the left top of machine),then turn off the machine(Red big button)

Please kindly note that our machine can not work without the connection of power plug. Do bot open the wifi until we asked you to do.

2. Operation video

#Car key clamp


Three situations that you will need to do calibration again:

  1. When you receive the machine in the first time.
  2. When you change the key clamp, decoder and cutter.
  3. When the machine cannot cut a key correctly.

2.2. high security key cutting

2.3. regular key cutting

Make sure the key you fix on the key clamp is in correct position. Standard keys are in top level of key clamp while laser keys are in bottom level of key clamp. Besides, please make sure the key is flatly fix on the key clamp.

#HU66 Aulixary clamp

3. Cutting Speed and key Location Mode

There are four speeds for your choice: Steel, Nkl-silver, Brass, High Speed. Steel is the lowest while high speed is the fastest.  Which speed should be selected mainly depends on key blank material. The hard the key is, the slow speed should be. Usually, we will select Nkl-silver speed for most of car keys. Please kindly to be noted.Besides, attached is how to select local model when decoding and cutting for your reference. We classify it according to the key type. Please read very carefully and understand it

4. DO Cleaning often after finishing the key cutting.

5. if you did not turn on/off correctly, there may caused the Bluetooth disconnect. if happened, please reconnect the Bluetooth shown as attached video OR PDF” E9 Bluetooth common phenomenon instruction”


Operation Videos On Youtube

1.How to calibrate

2.How to cut a car key on SEC-E9 key cutting machine

3.How to Cut Toyota Car key TOY43

4.How to Cut Honda Car key HON66

5.How to copy a dimple key on SEC-E9 full automatic key cutting machine.

6.How to copy a Ford Tibbe key on SEC E9 key cutting machine

7.How to copy a single side standard key on SEC-E9 full automatic key cutting machine

8.How to copy a tubular key on SEC-E9 full automatic key cutting machine

9.How to cut a new key when the orginal key is lost(Take HONDA Accord as an example)

Click here for Key Compatibility List Model list


Additional information

Weight45 lbs


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