The Diagnostic Box Remote Control IR / RF Tester (TDB-TDB001)



The TDB001 Remote Control Tester has been designed to offer a quick and accurate way to test radio frequency (RF) remote controls and also infra red (IR) remote controls.

The TDB001 offers a simple check that the remote is sending a signal, but more important that the frequency it is sending is correct. This is important for imported vehicles and systems, as there are a number of different frequencies used across the world.

Other features include a rear magnet so the unit can be fixed inside a van for easy storage, or if your working on a vehicle or engine it can be fixed somewhere safe and not slip off.

The TDB001 runs on 3 AA batteries, normal or rechargeable making it very cost effective, and will run for a minimum of 40 hours with batteries that are fully charged.

An automatic power off also helps conserve battery life and stops the unit from being left on.

It also features a low battery indicator, to show when the batteries need recharging or replacing.
A 3.5 numerical display, backlit makes the unit easy to use in all lighting conditions.

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