Rewards Program Explained:

How To Get Points:

Points will be given as follows. For every dollar spent, you will be rewarded 1 point ($1 = 1 Point).


How To Check Your Points (PC):

By clicking on the purple button you can see how many points you have gained.

                   Step 1                                             Step 2                                        Step 3                                                   step 4



How To Redeem/ Cash In Points:

Once you have managed to accumulate at least five dollars ($5) worth of points you will be presented with the opportunity to use your points on your purchase.

Click the redeem button and a discount code will be applied to your order.


What The Points Are Worth:

500 Points = $5.00


1,000 Points = $10.00


2,500 Points = $25.00


5,000 Points = $50.00



Referral Program:

By Inviting a friend onto UHS website, having them create a NEW Account, and make their First Purchase. You will both be rewarded (1,500 points) a ($15.00) value to be used on your next purchase.


UHS loves to give the best experience to our customers. Happy shopping.