Tango Setup
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Tango Software 1.106 Download
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Set Up Instructions:

  1. Extract and run the setup file
    This will install the software in default location [C:\Program Files\Tango Scorpio-LK. For Windows XP and C:\Program Files (x86)\Tango Scorpio-LK\ for Win7/8/10 ] Tango software can be installed at any other location as long as it ends by ..\Tango Scorpio-LK\
  2. Open device manager
  3. Connect Tango to PC (LEDs on top first green shows for a moment then lights up red, if both LEDS are ON at the same time Tango go to Note V).
  4. Find the newly displayed entry in device manager under (Universal Serial Bus Controllers) right click on it properties ->Driver->Update driver.
    Navigate to driver location [..\Tango Scorpio-LK\Driver]
  5. Run the program (Tango.exe) [depending on the USER ACCOUNT CONTROL settings of your Windows you might need to run the software as administrator, on Windows 7/8/10 it is mandatory to run Tango.exe as administrator viewtopic.php?f=13&t=15977 ] the programmer should initialize properly and run if all of the above was performed if you get error consult to Notes paragraph of this text file, if all is correct continue to next step.
  6. In software select Help->Update->Check Updates [for versions prior to 1.116]. As of version 1.116 up the procedure initiates automatically anytime a new software/firmware version is detected. Provided stable and unrestricted internet connection update will initiate on Tango.exe startup.
    Don't call any interface functions while update (this will interrupt it) is undergoing.


Tango programmer has built-in hardware status function, which provides information regarding the programmer itself based on the status of its two LEDs (red and green) which are located on top of the programmer. The programer is considered operational when connected to PC for a brief moment lights the Green LED and then almost immediately the Red LED is turned ON, with the green OFF. If both LEDs are on simultaneously ON , or not lit at all then the programmer is physically damaged or opened. In which case you will have to contact the distributor you have acquired your Tango from and arrange with them sending it for repair.

  1. If when connected Tango LEDs indicated that the hardware is properly operational but you still encounter any kind of error then procceed with the following check-list:
  2. If you get message "Hardware not detected make sure driver is installed and Tango is displayed in Device Manager under USB tab as Tango RFID with no exclamation marks.
  3. If it is marked then driver is not installed and go back to step 4.
    Note that Windows 7 and Vista use obsolete driver authentication procedure in their default installation.
    These OS require all Microsoft Security Updates and Service Packs in order to work with Tango on them.
  4. If driver is ok make sure software is run as administrator and anti-virus software or other third party software is not blocking Tango.exe
  5. If there is still problem check USB ports/cable. If they are overloaded or the contact provided by the cable is not good Tango will not run. USB port functionality may be altered by OS,BIOS or third party software. Connect Tango directly to PC USB ports. Avoid using USB hubs/Extenders/etc.. to connect Tango. In general they don't provide sufficient power and may cause issues, or computer not detecting Tango at all.
  6. If both LEDs are on connect Tango to PC and let is stay connected for a while (15 min up to several hours). This will help if Tango locked itself due to USB malfunction. If this doesn't help and bot LEDs are on Tango is physically damaged
  7. If none of the above solves your problem select in software Help->Test Tango->Start Diagnostic->Save report which will save a text log file. Then send this file to scorpiolk@gmail.com and a brief explanation of the problem which you have encountered.

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Barracuda Windows OS specific requirements:
Win7 requires Microsoft security update KB3033929
WinVista requires 
Microsoft security update KB2763674

Barracuda Downloads
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Orange5 Downloads
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Orange5 Software 1.36 Download
Orange5 Tool 1.3 Download
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CnCTerm 1.20 Download


All software is compatible with all Windows OS from XP to Windows 11

There are only two requirements:

  1. Giving Tango software OS administrator privileges is mandatory on Windows 7/8/10/11
  2. Required libraries Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package both x86 & x64


How to UnZip  a File (Watch Video)
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How to Install AnyDesk for Technical Support (Watch Video)
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