*** Important Note ***

These programs connect with a server in China. You MUST disable your anti-virus and firewall in order to download the programs and updates. Any active anti-virus will try to delete the files as it does not recognize the file as safe. They are safe but because of language issue it is often seen as a virus and it will delete your files. YOU MUST DISABLE YOUR ANTI-VIRUS AND FIREWALL or you will not be able to download the software properly. If you need help unzipping compressed files...see video at bottom of page.

Turn off antivirus protection in Windows Security - Windows 10

Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off

*** Important Note ***

TMPro 2 Downloads

Software Version Download Link Password
TMPro 2 Software N/A Download
TMPro 2 Drivers N/A Download
TMPro 2 USB Port Update N/A Download
TMPro 2 External Interface Cable Guide N/A Download

How to UnZip  a File (Watch Video)
In order to run any of the above software, WinRar must be downloaded on your machine. Click this LINK now to download WinRar and start your journey! 
How to Install AnyDesk for Technical Support (Watch Video)
In order for Technical Support to further help solve issues, AnyDesk must be downloaded on your machine. Click this LINK now to download AnyDesk and get the support you need!