*** Important Note ***

These programs connect with a server in China. You MUST disable your anti-virus and firewall in order to download the programs and updates. Any active anti-virus will try to delete the files as it does not recognize the file as safe. They are safe but because of language issue it is often seen as a virus and it will delete your files.

YOU MUST DISABLE YOUR ANTI-VIRUS AND FIREWALL or you will not be able to download the software properly

Turn off antivirus protection in Windows Security - Windows 10

Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off

*** Important Note ***

Yanhua ACDP Phone Apps

Software Version Download Link Password
ACDP iPhone App N/A Download
ACDP Android App 3.0.96 Download

Yanhua ACDP Downloads

Software Version Download Link Password
ACDP Software 1.0.48 Download 123456
Required Drivers N/A Download