ABRITES AVDI - Basic Diagnostic Machine Package - UHS Hardware
ABRITES AVDI - Basic Diagnostic Machine Package - UHS Hardware
ABRITES AVDI - Basic Diagnostic Machine Package - UHS Hardware
ABRITES AVDI - Basic Diagnostic Machine Package - UHS Hardware

ABRITES - AVDI - Basic Diagnostic Machine Package

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NSID: 8272

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The ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostic Interface - AVDI is the latest generation diagnostics interface produced by Abrites ltd. for cars, bikes, trucks, water scooters, ATVs and water scooters .

Using the AVDI in conjunction with the Abrites diagnostic software you can perform a full range of diagnostics for all the supported brands of vehicles such as Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Renault, Dacia, BMW, Mini, Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Ford, Mazda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, Opel, Vauxhall, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, KIA, Suzuki, DAF, Subaru, Bombardier Recriational Products, Daihatsu, Ducati and others.

AVDI is a required part of the operation of the Abrites Vehicle Diagnostic Software and it is essential in order to use most Abrites products. Thanks to the AVDI you can perform basic diagnostics such as reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes, live values and actuator testing as well as all special functions developed by our company such as key programming, module adaptation, cluster calibration and others. AVDI is a true professional choice used by service and repair shops worldwide as well as locksmiths and even OEM representatives in order to complete diagnostic tasks at a original manufacturer level or higher.

Note: Support Plan Service (SPS+) is sold separately and available HERE

  • Weight: 2.0000
  • Manufacture: Bulgaria
  • Manufacturer: ABRITES
  • Products By Make: Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Scion, Smart, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo
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Having an AVDI in your toolset elevates a professional from competing with other aftermarket service shops, locksmiths or diagnosticians to competing with the original manufacturer repair stations.

The AVDI has been in development for the past 15 years and some of its main features are:


  • Compatible with all diagnostic software produced by our company
  • One year free updates of all applications from the basic diagnostic suite (AMS is required after this period read more here .
  • SPS customer support is provided using the ABRITES own ticketing system (sold seperately)
  • More information about the support plan here
  • SAE J2534 PASSTHRU compliant driver available for our interfaces
  • Compatible with many 3rd party diagnostic software
  • VCI emulator which can allow AVDI to emulate different interface units (like K-line interface, ELM327 interface, ..). Emulation mode, allowing the usage of many additional 3- rd party software – Webasto TT , Evinrude Diagnostics , Suzuki / Yamaha Marine Diagnostics and many others.
  • Compatibility with VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda/Bentley/Lamborghini ODIS
  • Compatibility with Fiat EXAMINER
  • Compatibility with Jaguar Land Rover Symptom Driven Diagnostics (JLR SDD)
  • Supporting external communication link with transponder programmer and IC programmer
  • Compatibility with Toyota/Lexus/Scion Techstream
  • Compatibility with Honda/Acura HDS
  • Compatibility with Volvo VIDA
  • Compatibility with DAS/Xentry - Star Diagnosis
  • Compatibility with Nissan Consult III+
  • Compatibility with Ford Scanner
  • Compatibility with BMW - DIS over K-line and CAN bus
  • Compatibility with BMW Rheingold ISTA-P
  • Compatibility with BMW - E-Sys, INPA, EDIABAS, NCS Expert, NFS over K-line and CAN bus
  • Compatibility with Rover/Jaguar IDS
  • Compatibility with Subaru Select Monitor III
  • Compatibility with Bombardier diagnostic software
  • Compatibility with GM - Tech2Win, GDS2 and SPS diagnostic software
  • Compatibility with HYUNDAI GDS
  • Compatibility with KIA GDS


Now Available: Abrites Toolbox - 100% FREE for all owners of an AVDI interface

The initial function of the ABRITES Toolbox is the Mercedes Security Access Calculator. It allows authorisation with Mercedes modules in order to unlock their complete functionality. If you have an authorisation seed (challenge bytes, sent from the module during the authorisation), then with our tool you can compute and send back the proper response to the ECU challenge. The possibilities that the calculator gives its potential users are endless, however the main ones can be found below:

  • Enable diagnostics for the latest Mercedes vehicles, that have a firewall – security restriction, that requires a Mercedes-Benz online account. Now, with our calculator you can unlock the firewall and work with the car without requiring a Mercedes-Benz online account.
  • Coding, actuator tests and certain routine controls, which also require security access can be unlocked using the tool.

Currently AVDI is distributed with the following diagnostic software:


  • ABRITES Diagnostics for VAG - VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Porsche
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Mercedes/Smart/Maybach
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Opel/Vauxhall
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Toyota/Lexus/Scion
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Jaguar/Land Rover
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for BMW/Mini
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Renault
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Nissan
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Peugeot/Citroen
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Fiat/Alfa/Lancia
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Ford/Mazda
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for DAF
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Mitsubishi
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Hyundai/Kia
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Suzuki
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Volvo
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Daihatsu
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Bikes/Snowmobiles/Water scooters
  • ABRITES Diagnostics for Subaru
  • J2534 PassThru driver that allows users to use 3rd party diagnostic software

Software for diagnostics for MAN and Scania is currently under development.

The interface will also be compatible with some of our other tools that are currently being developed like:

  • ABRITES Locksmith Tool
  • ABRITES Mileage Tool
  • ABRITES Tuning Tool

The Abrites Vehicle Diagnostics Interface (AVDI) is designed to comply with the following European Directives: 2004/108 / EC, 2006/95 / EC, 2011/65 / EU, 2012/19 / EU and meets the following safety norms: EN61010-1: 2010, EN61326-1: 2013.

It has been tested in the laboratories of TÜV Rheinland and has a GS certificate, which guarantees the high quality of the product. It evolves with every new car model to answer the increasing demands of the automotive business, which makes it the best choice for professionals and advanced enthusiasts.

We are happy to announce that we are adding even more FREE functionalities for all AVDI users with active AMS!

From now on, you can access a selection of ANxxx licenses (legacy functionalities) with the basic software for FREE. These solutions allow key programming and mileage calibration, as well as facilitate module replacement in VAG Immo III and III+ vehicles. This goes for the following special functions and licenses:

AN002 and AN003 - reading CAN TP2.0 dashboards 2003-2008.
They are used for PIN/CS reading, mileage calibration on these dashboards in all VW/Seat/Skoda 2003-2008 (Immo III/III+ cars). This functionality is mainly used for preparing keys and mileage calibration.
AN004 - Allows to manually change the Immo data for the modules above. This can be used to adapt a dashboard (immobilizer) for all VW/Seat/Skoda 2003-2008 (Immo III/III+ vehicles).
AN005 - Used for new ECU adaptation in Immo III (excluding Immo III+) through adaptation by diagnostics on channel 50.
AN006 - Allows reading EEPROMs on dashboards that use K-Line protocol. These are all 1998-2003 dashboards (VDO, Magneti Marelli, Motometer, on VW/Seat/Skoda), as well as Bosch RB4/RB8 dashboards (RB4 - 2001-2004 VW Golf/Audi A4, RB8 - Audi A4 2004-2008) . You can extract PIN/CS to program keys and calibrate mileage.
AN007 - Used for reading the EDC15 (2000-2004) and ME7 (2000-2006) ECUs.
Also, extracting CS/PIN which can be used for key learning and module replacement (through adaptation by diagnostics on channel 50).
AN010 - Allows reading the EEPROM of Airbags that use the K-Line protocol (1997-2004).
AN012 - Allows odometer replacement on EDC16 (2004-2008).
AN014 - Used for EDC17 PIN reading (excluding CS) - used for programming dealer keys (excluding preparing) for EDC17/MED17 2007-2010.
AN018/AN019 - Allows reading EEPROM of EZS-Kessy on Audi 4F (A6 2003-2008, Q7 2005-2008). Used for extracting PIN/CS and key programming for these vehicles.
AN021 - Used for reading the ME7 EEPROM via CAN protocol. These ECUs are used in vehicles such as the Audi TT 2003-2010. This functionality allows extracting the PIN/CS, which are used for key programming.
AN023 - Used for Crafter Key programming in vehicles 2006-2012 equipped with EDC16.
AN024 - Allows key programming for all Immo III/III+ vehicles, if PIN/CS is known (can be read with one of the other licenses) and a dealer key is present.
АN025 - Allows reading the PIN/CS from EDC16/MED9/Simos PPD/Simos 7.x ECUs.
AN026 - Used for dealer key preparation and programming (for all Immo III/III+ vehicles). It is used to find the 7th byte of the Immobilizer (if the Component Security bytes from the ECU can be read).
AN027 - same as AN018/19, but extended to A6 2003-2010, Q7 2005-2014.
AN028/AN029 - Allows UDS Dashboard Reading - VDO 2008-2015, JCI 2008-2012, Magneti Marelli 2006-2014. These are all used in VW/Seat/Skoda 2008-2013, as well as Audi A1/Q3. It is used to calibrate mileage and program keys (spare key and All Keys Lost).

What’s more, now the special functions for JLR - JL003 and JL004 will be available to every AVDI user with active AMS. This means that mileage calibration and key programming for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles up to 2018 is now part of the basic AVDI software.

• Spare key programming
• ALL KEYS LOST key programming
• Remote control and keyless programming are part of the procedure, so no extra steps are required.

Supported models for key learning are equipped with the following KVM types:
• FK72

Supported models for mileage recalibration (including but not limited to):
Land Rover
• Evoque (L538) - LL and HL (2- and 4-door models)
• Range Rover Sport (L494)
• Range Rover (L405) (including long wheel base)

• F-Type Convertible and Coupe
• XF (X250)
• XJ (X351)
• XK (X150)
• XKR (X150)

The FN012 special function now also becomes a part of the basic AVDI package. This means that the following is available For FCA vehicles up to 2012 without the need for additional purchases:

• Key programming by OBDII
• Transponders/Keys preparation by dump of Immobiliser
• BCM – Configuration data read and update, PIN, component protection data
• BCM Read/Update ConfData by OBDII

Supported models for key programming:
• Fiat, Alfa, Lancia – Alfa 147, Mito; Fiat 500, Bravo, Grande punto, Croma, Doblo, Ducato, Fiorino, Idea, Palio, Panda, Stilo; Lancia Thesis, Delta.

Supported units:
• BCM Delphi (93C66) – NOTE: PIN Code is required!
• BCM Marelli (912DG128, 3K91D)
• BCM Marelli (9S12DG256, 1K79X)
• BCM Marelli (NEC 70F3237/70F3378,95160)
• BCM Marelli (NEC 70F3633,95320)
• BCM Siemens (9S12DG128)



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