*Discontinued* Barracuda Toyota & PSA H-Immobilizer All Keys Lost Solution (Software)

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The adapter with the barracuda programmer allows solving all keys lost situations on Toyota Vehicles equipped with all currently known generations (Gen1 MCU11910, Gen2 MCU12xxx) of 128bit H chip immobilizer system (page1: 39, 59, 3A, 5a)
For all Markets (Europe, Asia, USA, Japan, etc.)
By creating a master key on the LKP04 Transponder chip without replacing or resetting the immobilizer Unit

During the process, car data is not modified in any way.

*Software Only -- Machine Sold Separately

Programming Requirements:

  • Barracuda Programmer ABK-4400
  • Barracuda Adapter H Immo ABK-4623
  • Barracuda Activation H Immo ABK-4400-TOY-H-IMMO
  • Tango Programmer ABK-2087
  • LKP-04 Transponder chip ABK-4411
  • Tango Toyota Maker ABK-2087-TOY
  • Tango Toyota Image generator H ABK-2087-TOY-GENRT-H

Please allow 24 to 48 hours to process