Godiag - GT100+ - OBD II Break Out Box ECU Connector

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Godiag GT100+ is the latest testing platform, for OBDII protocol communication detection and ECU maintenance/diagnosis/programming/coding, and after all the keys are lost, the instrument and the anti-theft system are forced to activate by short-circuiting. GT100+ has a voltage and current display. It is convenient for maintenance engineers to judge the current working status of ECU. 

It can convert the car OBD2 interface into 16-pin for signal detection. Able to connect the single modules or multiple modules of the vehicle. It can be connected with any diagnostic tool to tell whether the car's communication is good or not. it can also supply power to the car when you change the battery to avoid the vehicle control module data being lost, automatically locked, the key remote control failing and the fault light turning on. 

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Godiag GT100+ operation guide 

  • By connecting the vehicle and diagnostic tool via OBDII, Godiag GT100+'s LED will indicate whether the OBDII diagnostic interface has good communication with the car.
  • Monitor the voltage of the vehicle OBDII interface and display it in real - time. If it is less than 11V, please stop the diagnosis and programming to avoid the vehicle being unable to start/data loss/module locked. 

Indicator Meaning:

1 Manufacturer Custom 
2 SJE1850 Wire
Manufacturer Custom
Power Grounding
Signal Grounding
6 SAEJ2284 《CAN》high
7 ISO9141-2&iso, DS4230-4K wire
8 Manufacturer Custom
9 Manufacturer Custom
10 SJE1850 Wire 《bus->
11 Manufacturer Custom
12 Manufacturer Custom
13 Manufacturer Custom
14 SAEJ2284 《CAN》low
15 ISO9141=2 & ISO/DIS 4230-4L wire
16 Car Battery Positive


1). Used to check whether the diagnostic/programming/coding tool can send communication signals

2). ECU connection: single module connection, Godiag GT100+, connected to a single ECU module is convenient for a user to do the single-module diagnosis and programming

3). GT100+ program key for VW, Porsche, Mitsubishi, etc with all keys lost - activate the instrument or immobilizer module

A). To program VW 4th generation / 5th generation Lost all keys (for example new A6L Touareg A4 Q5 A7), please use GT100+ to short circuit banana connector PIN 16 --- PIN 1 to light up the dashboard, after that, use the key programmer tool to connect with the female adapter of GT100+ for data collection. Some vehicle dashboards won't be lit up, but data can also be collected, for example A6L Q7.

 B). To replace the engine ECU of Toyota or to use some key programmer to program Toyota when all keys are lost, it needs to short-circuit PIN13-PIN4

C). To program the Mitsubishi key with all keys lost or to set OBDII when all remote key are lost, please short-circuit PIN1-PIN4

D). To program the Porsche Cayenne key with all keys lost or with all remotes lost, please short circuit PIN3-PIN7

4). Voltage and Current Value Display Function

On the bench connect the ECU module by using the banana connector or db25 dedicated ECU interface, and Godiag GT100+ will display the voltage / current value. The user can intuitively see the current status of the ECU. If there is no current display or the actual displayed current is inconsistent with the engineer's expected current, then you can immediately check whether the wiring is wrong if the wiring is correct, he can judge that the ECU may be broken, so there is no need to perform diagnostic communication and can directly repair the ECU. 

If it shows too much current, then you can also determine if the cable is wrongly connected or the ECU is broken.

5). GT100+ Pin 1, 9, 3, 11, 12, 13, 8 [corresponding to the yellow banana connector on the machine], these non-standard obd2 protocol interfaces may display CAN BUS or K-Line communication protocol. GT100+ can only display K-Line Pwm Vpw + KWP 2000 protocol.
GT100+ will display CANBUS K-line Pwm Vpw + KWP 2000 protocol communication

6). Quickly communicate with a single ECU on bench by connecting with the ECU diagnostic/programming tool. [Which allows the engineers or technicians to complete the job on the bench, and also keep away the risk of data loss in other modules when directly testing on the vehicle] 

7). Multiple vehicle ECU module connecting. [it's aimed at solving the problem of engineers and technicians who need to connect multiple ECU's during programming a module, such as connecting to multiple ECU modules for key programming.

8). Replace the auxiliary power supply for the battery - uninterruptible power supply connecting mode. [Since there’s failure or missing antitheft remote control data of some vehicles when the battery is dismantled, the auxiliary power supply aims at supplying power to the vehicle through GT100+ before replacing the battery to sustain the power supply to the vehicle. It guarantees the vehicle ECU is power connected during replacement of the battery.]

9). The OBD2 cable of GT100+ is as long as 1.4 meters, which will solve the problem that the diagnostic tool cable is not long enough or the vehicle diagnostic port is too narrow to connect. Please connect GT100+ first, turn on the power switch and you will see the voltage on the screen which can tell whether the power supply of the vehicle is normal. [Which keep away the risk of burning out the diagnostic & programming tool due to the modified vehicle OBD2 port]

10). For old OBD1 vehicles or special diagnostic port, please connect GT100+ through the banana plug and DB25 jumper. The OBD1 diagnostic port or special diagnostic port can be transferred to the standard OBD2 diagnostic port.

11). GT100+ will convert the OBD1 port of special truck to the standard OBD2 diagnostic port according to the protocol.

12). For BMW-CAS4/CAS4+Programming Test Platform, it’s used to test whether the programmed key works with CAS4 normally

13). For BMW FEM/BDC Programming Test Platform


Diagnostic Port OBDII 
Working Voltage DC 9V-24V
Work and Power 0.5 - 0.6W
Adapter Power Input AC100V-240v, Output DC 12V 1A
Operating Temperature range -20 to 70°C ( -4 to 158 °F )
Storage Temperature range -40 to 85 °C ( -40 to 185 °F )
Dimension L: 23cm, W: 18cm, H: 7cm


Compatible With:

Package Includes:

  • 1pc x Host
  • 1pc x OBD 2-in-1 extension cable
  • 1pc x Colored jumper cable
  • 1pc x Power supply 12V
  • 1pc x Resistance 120 ohm
  • 6pcs x Banana plug
  • 24pcs x Wire accessories, Dupont 2.54mm connector female pins


Main Unit for Equipment 1-year Warranty 
Machine Peripheral Equipments and wire No Warranty
Car Diagnostic laptop 3-Months
Data hard Disk No Warranty
Car Software No Warranty
Consumables No Warranty
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