Handy Baby III - 3rd Generation - Auto Key Programmer / Cloning Device (w/ G Chip Function) - Optional Color

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Color: Red

HandyBabyIII (Wi-Fi Version) Features: Now with Built in G Chip Cloning!!!

The Handy Baby Key Programmer is used to clone 4C, 4D, 46 & 48 transponder chips. A simple to use car key cloner covering up to 80% of vehicles.

Optimized for use with Android Devices

Last Handy-baby1 V9.11 update :

  • 96 bit 48 copy can submit data and query calculation results on the magician sub machine APP or JYGC APP, You need to manually enter the copy data. No need to contact after-sales service during the whole process
  • Optimize 96 bit 48 copy acquisition data verification to avoid submitting wrong data
  • Other optimization: The upgrading content of the first generation needs to update the JYGC APP and the magician slave APP at the same time
Call 1-800-878-6604 for Bulk / Dealer Pricing!

    • Clone Transponder Chips online
      • Support 46/4D/48/42/11/12/133/33/8C, as well as part of BMW 4D70/Ford 4D83/Hyundai KIA 4D 70/Toyota 4D72G
    • Identify and Read Transponder Chips
      • Support 4D, 46, 47, 48, 49, 4A, MQB, MQB5C, T5, 7935, 8C, 8A, 8E, and 4C
    • Generate Transponder Chips
      • Support generating many common types of chips, such as 4D/46/48/T5/47/7935/8C/8A
    • Detect Frequency
      • Support detecting and displaying common frequencies
    • Detect ECU
      • Support detecting whether the coil is working and distinguishing the chip types
    • Generate Remotes
      • Support generating magic remotes of the K and N series, covering thousands of car types
    • Clone Remotes
      • Support fixed codes /part of HCS rolling codes remotes clone
    • Write Immo Data
      • Support connection to PC software for loading EEPROM data and writing new transponders
      • Support transponder conversion and simulation
      • Support common fixed code remotes clone and editing
      • Support Handy Baby Assistant to copy Transponder
      • Support Hyundai/KIA ID46 chip decoding and displaying password
      • Support BYD ID46 smart keys decoding and one-button writing and programming





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