HPC Codemax 1200MAXAA - Computerized Code Key Cutting Machine With Automated Angler - UHS Hardware
HPC Codemax 1200MAXAA - Computerized Code Key Cutting Machine With Automated Angler - UHS Hardware

HPC Codemax 1200MAXAA - Computerized Code Key Cutting Machine With Automated Angler

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  • PN: 1200MAXAA
  • Manufacturer: HPC
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HPC CodeMax key machine can cut Automotive, Commercial, Residential, High-Security Angle Keys and Flat Steel keys. (optional accessories may be necessary)

The HPC CodeMax 1200MAXAA key Machine is based on the industry-standard Blitz Machine. The CodeMax 1200MAXAA has an internal computer chip that contains Depth & Space Data (DSD) for more than 950 different lock types, plus a micrometer function in both inch and metric formats. This allows it to cut virtually all standard vehicle, commercial, residential and furniture keys throughout the world. The cutter pivots automatically to cut high-security angle keys, such as Medeco, eliminating the need to turn the cutter head manually. Simply enter the depth and direction of the angle, and the CodeMax AA does the rest. All models of CodeMax are equipped with a shoulder gauge safety switch. This feature ensures the shoulder gauge is out of the way before you start cutting a key. The total power of the CodeMax® is realized when you connect it to your PC. All machines come with a 25-foot (7.5m) 9-pin serial cable for easy connection to your computer. With HPC Software, the CodeMax Machine becomes an integral part of your computer system.

The model CodeMax is supplied with five standard cutter wheels:

  • The CW-1011 cutter is used for cabinet, padlock, and most vehicle applications.
  • The CW-14MC cutter is used for cutting most standard cylinder keys.
  • The CW-90MC is similar to the CW-14MC but makes cuts with a steeper slope for special applications.
  • The CW-20FM cutter is a 76 degree cutter used for Sargent applications.
  • The CW-47MC is an 87 degree cutter used for certain automotive applications.


  • Auto Angle 240 Volt Motor
  • Pivoting cutter for high-security angle keys
  • Accomodates keys with up to 14 spaces and 14 depths
  • Fully-automatic computerized machine
  • With CodeSource® code retrieval software, creating an original key is as simple as looking up the code on your computer and downloading it to your CodeMax.
  • Downloading master key systems from MasterKing, insuring error-free key cutting.
  • The ability to interrupt that master key job to cut another code key, and easily return to the master key system.
  • The Auto Angler model makes Medeco angle cuts automatically
  • Automatically keep track of new keys created when using KeyTrail® key management software.

With optional equipment CodeMax can cut:

  • Assa V10/Twin®
  • Corbin/Russwin
  • Emhart® Interlocking Pin
  • Medeco® Biaxial®, Commercial®, KeyMark® and M3 Freedom
  • Sargent Degree
  • Schlage Primus®
  • Flat Steel Safe Deposit Keys and others

Flat steel cutters, the Medeco® cutter (CW-1012), the Emhart cutter (CW-1013), and the Assa Cutter (CW-32MC) are all optional cutter wheels that are available for use with the CodeMax. Additionally, the Medeco® Commercial Jaw (MJ-1) is an optional jaw for cutting the Medeco® Standard Commercial Keyway (Air). The KeyMark® Jaw is available from Medeco®.

Included Accessories and Parts:

  • CW-14MC HPC Cutter Wheel (Installed on Machine)
  • CW-1011 HPC Cutter Wheel
  • CW-20FM HPC Cutter Wheel
  • CW-47MC HPC Cutter Wheel
  • CW-90MC HPC Cutter Wheel
  • WRENCH-1 Cutter Shaft/Adjustment Wrench
  • WRENCH-3 Cutter Nut Wrench
  • WRENCH-2 Allen Wrench, 5/64-inch
  • CM-1054R Black Horseshoe Tip Gauge
  • CM-1054MA Red Tip Gauge
  • MAX-CD DSD List, CodeMax® Update and Restore CD
  • 1200MAX-MAN CodeMax® Manual
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • CABLE-25S Serial Cable

WARRANTY — The CodeMax® Code Machine is fully warranted for one year from the date of purchase, against factory defects in material and workmanship.

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