IC Realtime - HDMX-E50V-IR-DPM1 / 5MP 16:9 HD-AVS Indoor/Outdoor Mid Size Eyeball Dome / Varifocal 2.7-13.5mm Motorized Lens (113° - 31°) / 197 Feet Smart IR

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NSID: 68479

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  • 1/2.7 CMOS Starlight | 16:9 Aspect Ratio | 25fps@5MP
  • 2.7mm to 13.5mm | motorized varifocal | AoV 102 to 29
  • Max. IR length 197ft | Smart IR | 2 IR LEDs
  • Built-in mic | IP67
  • 12VDC or 24VAC | Max. 9.5W
  • 120dB True WDR | HLC-Pro | BLC | 3DNR
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The popular & versatile eyeball dome camera design is now available in our most advanced 16:9 format capable HDMX series coax cameras. The new HDMX-E50V-IR-DPM1 is a tough but beautiful metal case 5MP IR eyeball camera. It represents the ideal way to add a future-proof, adaptable format HDAVS eyeball camera to your next coax camera installation or upgrade.

0.001 lux is 1/1000th of the light on a surface from a candle 39.37 inches away - just about no light at all.  But even “way down there” streaming color video is no problem for HDMX-E50V-IR-DPM1 because it has our newest 2880 x 1620 pixel field UltraStarlight video sensor chip. In complete darkness - like indoors or outside when there is literally no ambient light at all, this 5MP IR eyeball camera’s SmartIRs reach out over 195+ ft. for perfect, flare-proof nighttime video coverage.

Like all IC Realtime's HDAVS cameras, the HDMX-E50V is a master of adaptation. A convenient DIP switch set on the camera's BNC/power pigtail can be set to match 2MP and 4MP HDAVS and AHD, CVI or TVI, or even analog (CVBS) format recorders for quick & easy camera replacements & upgrades. When the rest of the system is upgraded, HDMX-E50V is capable of 5MP in a native 16:9 HD format when used with our newest HDVR-MX series HDAVS recorders (requires  5/21 AVR firmware). This legacy video format compatibility, combined with future-proof 5MP 16:9 HD selectable resolution makes the HDMX-E50V the most flexible coax eyeball dome we have ever built.

HDMX-E50V's lens system is a remotely controllable 2.7 mm–13.5 mm power zoom that delivers a zoom- variable horizontal 31.4°–113° wide FOV that provides excellent D.O.R.I. performance for detection & business intelligence functions. For easy legacy coax system upgrades, the HDMX-E50V's dual voltage power system means HDMX-E50V can use existing camera power systems, and its wide ±25% at 24VAC and 10% at 12VDC supply voltage tolerance mean dependability in the field.

The real beauty of IC Realtime's HDAVS cameras & Pentabrid recorders for video professionals is simplicity. Like an IP installation, one cable carries video, audio, and 2-way data and interacts with the HDAVS recorder for camera control and even alarm triggers once the system's head-end recorder is upgraded to an HDVR coax recorder. No more RS-485 wires, no more extra audio runs - just the coax & the power lead. Combined with HDMX-E50V's video format & resolution switching to match existing systems and the industry's highest dependability and longest warranty, there is just no better coax camera value available today.

The HDMX series HD over coax cameras are IC Realtime's first series to deliver spectacular & forensically detailed 5mp 16:9 HD video streams over standard coaxial cable. Their adaptability, video format switching, power zoom lenses, built-in audio mic, and stunning low light performance make IC Realtime's HDMX-E50V-IR-DPM1 the ideal and future-proof eyeball camera choice for both new & legacy coax cable video installations.

Note:For compatibility purposes, this camera may come default on 4MP/ 2MP resolution. When equipped with an appropriate HDVR, you can set the camera to the maximum resolution via the OSD interface.


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