JLR Lock50 - HW04-B - JLR OBD Link Tool - Worldwide Functionality - 2010-2024+

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Lock50 JLR OBD Link Tool HW04-B Worldwide (2010 to 2024+) Add Remove Keys to Unlocked RFA Modules or Replace with New Virgin RFA JPLA + J9C3 +K8D2 + M9R3

More than just a key programmer, Lock50 HW04-B  Tool Full Package is a holistic solution for those seeking total control over their vehicle's security. From seamless key generation to advanced features like Alarm OFF Support to 2020 this tool is engineered to make key programming an intuitive and effortless process.

Key Features of Lock50 HW04-B Tool Full Package

  • Effortless Key Generation: Say farewell to complex coding. The Lock50 HW04-B  Tool guides users through the key programming process step-by-step, ensuring accessibility even for those with limited technical expertise.
  • Dealer-Level Access: Break free from reliance on expensive dealerships. This tool empowers users to generate and program aftermarket or  genuine dealer keys, granting complete control over car access.
  • Wide Compatibility: Covering an extensive range of models Land Rover & Jaguar ensures comprehensive coverage for your prized vehicles.
  • Alarm OFF in to 2020 Models: Experience precision in key programming with advanced HW04-B Online auto Updates, ensuring accuracy in generating keys for future Models.
  • Enhanced Security: Security is paramount. The Lock50 HW04-B Tool employs advanced encryption protocols to safeguard your vehicle's data, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring peace of mind.
  • Simplified Life: So Long as the Vehicle is 2017+ and with  PEPS UWB Keys  you Only need to Carry Parts RFA for spare or All lost keys.
  • You need Vin number of Vehicles and as is required to search EPC to know about Parts numbers of Modules before Take on Jobs.  
  • You can Give 3 Types of Keys and give your clients multiple options for Non Oem  or  OEM  non PEPS   or  OEM  PEPS like for like to dealer.
    Stock RFA Inventory Required: Simply Swap the MCU and Load Virgin Files or Replace with a New Blank RFA with the keys without using other Tools or Logins or Services making you fully Independant and able to respond faster to Emergency Response and out of hours Jobs when Dealers are Closed.
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In the dynamic realm of automotive technology, the HW04-B Full Package stands as an innovative force, transforming the landscape of JLR car key programming Industry this comprehensive tool caters to the needs of DIY enthusiasts and automotive professionals, offering a complete array of features for All key Lost programming for 24+ Vehicles from the renowned luxury car brand Land Rover & Jaguar.

Have you ever faced a substantial dealership bill for replacing a lost car key? The Lock50 HW04-B Programmer Full Package is your key to freedom. Ditch the dealership dependency and embrace the power of DIY with this comprehensive car key programming solution supporting 2010 to 2024+ models with the Latest PEPS Car key systems.

HW04-B OBD Advanced Functions Included

  • HW04-B & C OBD Tool JLR 2017 to 2024+ New RFA Programming (Unlocked BCM Supported)
  • HW04-B & C OBD Tool JLR 2017 to 2024+ New RFA Programming (Locked BCM R8E2 + M8E2 Supported)
  • HW04-B & C OBD Tool JLR 2017 to 2024+ Alarm OFF using Key Copy with RFA / KVM MCU Files
  • HW04-B & C OBD Tool JLR 2010 to 2020+ Alarm OFF OBD & Can Wires adapter HW03B


Benefits of Choosing Lock50 HW04-B Full Package Key Programmer

  • DIY Pride: Master your vehicle's security and take pride in owning a tool that simplifies the complex process of key programming.
  • Cost Savings: Bypass inflated dealership key replacement costs. The Lock50 HW04-B Tool Full Package ensures a cost-effective solution for all your key programming needs.
  • Time Efficiency: Program keys at your convenience, on your terms. Bid farewell to time-consuming appointments with dealerships or waiting for Backorders of Parts like BCM RFA TCU and take control of your schedule.
  • Flash Modules like in Pathfinder and Topix

Flash Modules like in Pathfinder and Topix

  1. Connectivity: Easily connect the Lock50 HW04-B Tool to the OBD port of your vehicle using the included cables.
  2. Select Vehicle Model: Navigate through the user-friendly menu to select the specific vehicle model and year.
  3. ALARM OFF: Let the tool handle data calculation, ensuring precision in key generation. Alarm of to 2020 Supported with or without RFA or TCU.
  4. Generate Dealer Key: Enjoy the simplicity of generating dealer keys with just a few clicks, completing the process effortlessly.
Key programming machines cannot be returned after they have been registered

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Key programming machines cannot be returned after they have been registered

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Key programming machines cannot be returned after they have been registered