KLOM Semi Automatic Lock Pick Gun

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NSID: 68960

Developed for optimal results and precise lockpicking operations, this Semi-Automatic Lock Pick Gun is crafted from the finest materials. It comes equipped with 15 needles that move vertically, ensuring faster and more efficient lock cracking.


  • Capable of picking locks in a vertical direction for faster results.
  • Specially designed 2-Phase trigger:
    • 1 light pull = 1 vertical strike
    • 1 strong full pull = 2 vertical quick strikes consecutively
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  • Streamlined shape for easy grip.
  • Quick needle replacement with specially designed nut.
  • Heavy-duty frame and structure.
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case.

    Quantity Description
    3pcs Standard 0.6mm straight needles
    2pcs Standard 0.6mm angle needles
    1pc 69mm 0.9mm straight long needle
    1pc 55mm 0.9mm straight long needle
    1pc 55mm 0.9mm dimple pick needle
    1pc 69mm 0.9mm long dimple pick needle
    1pc Professional dimple pick needle
    1pc Standard tension wrench
    1pc Two-finger tension wrench
    1pc Z type long-soft tension wrench
    1 set (2pcs) Convenient tension set

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