Laser Key - 3D XTREME - High Security Key Cutting Machine - Series 4 (PRE-ORDER)

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NSID: 68170

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Please Note: This item is a pre-order and will be available soon


Laser Key - 3D XTREME Key Cutting Machine - Series 4 (4th Generation)


  • Cuts by code, including half-cuts
  • Decode/trace high security and standard keys, including those with internal cuts. Compensates for wear and decodes back to factory original cuts.
  • Fully automatic calibration
  • Includes cutting wheel for cutting standard keys and 2.5mm for laser cutting high security keys
  • Gives option for plunge cutting or contour cutting standard keys
  • 4-sided J2 vise on left for cutting all kinds of standard keys. J1 vise on right for cutting high security keys. Mercedes and BMW adapters now built into jaw-top. New J3 vise in center of jaw for cutting VW keys without the need for an adapter!
  • Designed for mobile applications. Bolt-down kit available.
  • Tibbe jaw available
  • Tubular jaw available
  • No tools needed to interchange parts
  • Easily updated via the Internet
  • Native USB connectivity
  • Now Includes a 2-Year Warranty (parts & labor)
  • Only 45lbs
Call 1-800-878-6604 for Bulk / Dealer Pricing!

NOTICE: If you are going to be using the 3D Elite in your vehicle, please purchase a Vehicle Bolt-Down Kit (Sold Separately) with your machine. If you use this machine in a vehicle without the Vehicle Bolt-Down Kit, your warranty will not be honored.

What's new with the Extreme version:

  • Now Includes Laptop & Genericode!
  • New, traditional cutting wheel for standard keys
  • New software much easier to use
  • New all-in-one jaw combines both 4-way standard and laser jaws into one
  • New, integrated brush wheel
  • New chip tray keeps your work areas clean
  • New J3 jaw eliminates need for VW adapter
  • New chip guard adds safety


Weight 45 lbs
Compatibility High security and standard keys
Calibration Fully automatic
Jaws 4-sided J2 vise for standard keys, J1 vise for high security keys, J3 vise for VW keys
Connectivity Native USB
Warranty 2 years (parts & labor)

  • Desktop version Customer Keys database:
    • The Customer Key database allows you to use the desktop version of key machine software to save customers and keys.
    • This allows you to keep customers and keys stored in the software for later reference.
    • Please refer to instructions about backing up and restoring the Customer Database
    • Performing a software update should not affect the customer database but it is a good idea to back it up just in case.
Note: This item is a pre-order and will be available soon.

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Note: This item is a pre-order and will be available soon.

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