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Course Title: Tesla Key Programming and Diagnostics - 1 on 1 Training

Course Length: Approximately 6 hours of 1-on-1 live training via Zoom, with flexible scheduling based on your availability. Training is split into 2 days with 2-3 hour sessions.

Tesla Key Programming and Diagnostics

In-depth training on Tesla vehicle diagnostics, key programming, software upgrades/modifications, and servicing by expert instructors.

How It Works:

Once you purchase this training, you will be able to schedule 1-on-1 live Zoom sessions with an experienced LOKI instructor based in Ukraine. Within 24 hours you will be contacted by a representative to coordinate your appointment. Any questions call 1-800-878-6604 


Some of the topics you will cover include:

  • Tesla Vehicle Systems Overview: (battery, low/high voltage, computer systems)
  • Safe procedures for working on electric vehicles
  • Diagnostic tool setup and operation
  • Key fob pairing and programming
  • Unlocking paid software features (FSD, performance, supercharging, etc.)
  • Software deployment and modifications
  • Changing vehicle maps/configurations for different regions
  • Using the Toolbox 3 software for additional capabilities
  • Connecting to different Tesla models that lack a standard OBD2 port
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What You Will Learn:

  • Comprehensive Tesla Systems Overview: Understand the computer systems integrated into each Tesla model, focusing on unlocking capabilities with the Loki tool, including:
    - Full Self-Driving features
    - Supercharging access
    - Performance enhancements
  • Key Pairing and Security Features: Learn the intricacies of Tesla key pairing and explore high and low voltage systems to ensure safe servicing of electric vehicles.
  • Advanced Connection Techniques: Master the specific methods to connect the Loki diagnostic tool to Tesla Models 3, Y, S, and X, which lack the standard OBD2 diagnostic ports found in traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.
  • Diagnostic Mastery: Utilize the included Online Tool Box 3 from Loki diagnostics for crucial functions like erasing the PIN to Drive and software redeployment for essential repairs.
  • Global Capabilities: Adjust Tesla’s mapping systems and charging ports for different international standards, enhancing your global service potential.
  • Fundamental Nodes and Elements of Tesla Vehicles: Learn about 12v batt/16v batt, Charge Port, Penthouse, PCS/Charger, SDM/RCM/RCM2, VCSEC, MCU, AP, HW Batt, VCFRONT/LEFT/RIGHT, HVIL, and Thermal system.
  • Theory and Practice: Theoretical day covers methods of making changes to the car through configuration editing, adapting the car for the European market, activation of CCS and additional vehicle functionality, varieties of processors, car generations, and interaction methods. The practical part involves working with a Model 3 vehicle.
  • Principles of Interaction with the Vehicle: Equipment for working with the vehicle, principles of diagnostics and how to do it, key pairing, resetting pins, familiarization with Loki functionality, and editing standard and customized configurations.


Day One "Theory": The theoretical day covers the fundamental nodes and elements of
the car:

  • 12v batt/16v batt
  • Charge Port
  • Penthouse
  • PCS/Charger
  • MCU
  • AP
  • HW Batt
  • HVIL
  • Thermal system

Principles of interaction with the vehicle:

  • Methods of making changes to the car through configuration editing
  • Adapting the car for the European market
  • Activation of CCS and additional vehicle functionality
  • Varieties of processors, car generations, and interaction methods

Day Two "Practice": The practical part involves working with a Model 3 vehicle and

  • Equipment for working with the vehicle
  • Principles of diagnostics and how to do it
  • Key pairing
  • Resetting pins
  • Familiarization with Loki functionality
  • Editing standard and customized configurations



  • Receive a certificate upon completion, affirming your expertise with the Tesla Loki Tool, making you a recognized professional in this cutting-edge technology.


Essential Training for Future-Ready Locksmiths:

This training is crucial for any locksmith working with or planning to work with Tesla vehicles. Equip yourself with unique skills that distinguish you in the rapidly evolving automotive industry. Prepare to lead in the era of advanced automotive innovation with our Tesla Loki Tool training.

LOKI Tesla Diagnostics Training Brochure
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