Lonsdor - KPROG2 Adapter - For Lonsdor K518 Pro K518SE And K518S

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The Lonsdor KPROG 2 Adapter is designed for use with the Lonsdor K518ISE & K518 Pro Key Programmer. It is capable of reading and writing an EEPROM SOIC chip/MCU chip, which is essential for key programming activities. The Lonsdor KPROG2 adapter supports a wide range of chips from various manufacturers. The Lonsdor KPROG2 advanced support for Volvo CEM and KVM Makes it an indispensable tool for programming Volvo Smart keys for models from 2009 to 2024. The precision and accuracy in reading and writing operations make it a reliable choice for complex key programming tasks. Additionally, its user-friendly design ensures a smooth and efficient binding process with Lonsdor K518 devices. 


  • Specifically designed for Lonsdor K518ISE & K518 Pro, ensuring seamless integration
  • Capable of handling a wide range of chips from multiple manufacturers
  • Provides advanced support to read and write Volvo CEM & KVM, an essential feature for programming Volvo Smart Keys for 2009 - 2024 models.
  • Offers accurate reading and writing of EEPROM SOIC and MCu chips
  • An easy binding process with Lonsdor K518 devices
  • Ensures security and exclusive pairing with a single K518 device
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How to Bind the Lonsdor KPROG-2 Adapter:

  • Connect the KPROG adapter to the Lonsdor K518 using the main cable
  • Connect the K518 to a 12V Power Supply 
  • On the K518 device, navigate to the "Setting" menu
  • In the settings, find and select the option "Bind Adapter"
  • Confirm the action by clicking the "OK". 
  • Once you complete these steps, the adapter will be bound to the K518, and you'll be able to use it for key programming

NOTE: The Lonsdor KPROG adapter can only be bind to one Lonsdor K518 device, once you bind it you cannot bind it other device

Lonsdor KPROG 2 Adapter Read and Write EEPROM Chip List:

24 Series Support ATMEL & ST Chip

  • AT24C01 128 byte
  • AT24C02 256 byte
  • AT24C04 512 byte
  • AT24C08 1K
  • AT24C16 2K
  • AT24C32 4K
  • AT24C64 8K
  • AT24C128 16K
  • AT24C256 32K

93 Series: Support ATMEL & ST Chip

  • AT93C46-8bit 128 byte read/write
  • AT93C56-8bit 256 byte read/write
  • AT93C57-8bit 256 byte read/write
  • AT93C66-8bit 512 byte read/write
  • AT93C76-8bit 1024 byte read/write
  • AT93C86-8bit 2048 byte read/write

25 Series: Support ATMEL chip

  • AT25010 128 byte
  • AT25020 256 byte
  • AT25040 512 byte
  • AT25080 1K
  • AT25160 2K
  • AT25320 4K
  • AT25640 8K
  • AT25128 16K
  • AT25256 32K
  • AT25M01 1M
  • AT25M02 2M

95 Series; Support ST Chip

  • 95010 128 byte
  • 95020 256 byte
  • 95040 512 byte
  • 95080 1K
  • 95160 2K
  • 95320 4K
  • 95640 8K
  • 95128 16K
  • 95256 32K
  • 95M01 1M
  • 95M02 2M


Package Includes:

  • Lonsdor KPROG-2 Main Unit
  • Lonsdor KPROG-2 E-01 Board to Read EEPROM Chip
  • Lonsdor KPROG-2 RN-01 Board to Read Volvo CEM
  • Lonsdor KPROG-2 FS-01 Board to read Volvo KVM
  • Lonsdor KPROG-2 Caale to Connect Adapter with the KPROG-2
  • Losndor KPROG-2 Backup pin X 5pcs
  • Lonsdor KPROG-2 Extra Connector Cable to connect the KPROG-2 with the Lonsdor K518
  • Lonsdor KPROG-2 Protection Box

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