Recorded On Demand Training - Audi / VW MQB Locked Instrument Clusters Using Xhorse Products

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Course Title: Audi / Volkswagen MQB Locked Instrument Clusters Using Xhorse products like the VVDI Key Tool PLUS Tablet, VVDI2 Commander Key ProgrammerVVDI PROG EEPROM Programmer

Course Length: The course can be completed in 1 day but you will have unlimited access to the materials.

MQB Locked Instrument Clusters Using Xhorse Products

This comprehensive advanced course delves into the intricate world of automotive locksmithing, focusing on the challenging task of unlocking Audi and Volkswagen MQB (Modular Quintessential Baukasten) instrument clusters using Xhorse products. Designed for professional locksmiths, this course equips you with the expert knowledge and skills required to effectively tackle MQB instrument clusters with locked CPU. You'll be able to read the locked memory and decrypt it using a variety of tools.

Through detailed demonstrations and step-by-step instructions, you'll learn how to navigate the complex security mechanisms of these instrument clusters, exploring techniques for bypassing locks and gaining access. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of Xhorse products, you'll master the art of unlocking these intricate systems, restoring full functionality, and ensuring seamless operation.

In this course, we will go over various Xhorse products to show how the unlocking procedures are very similar, yet with some critical differences. This approach helps you understand the underlying procedures regardless of the specific tools used, emphasizing that the logic behind the techniques is the most crucial aspect. Additionally, you will learn how to mix and match different tools to save on authorization costs, making your practice more efficient and cost-effective.

Instructor: Roee Benafshi
16 Years Locksmith Experience - In the industry since 2006, one of the previous owners/founders of Key-On-Spot Locksmith in Miami. Roee is known as one of the most advanced high-end vehicle locksmiths in the US. He has been working on high-end vehicles like Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi & VW for many years. He has watched the evolution of these key systems over the years. He provides a no-nonsense understanding of what tools work best for the right situation & how to properly use them.

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You have unlimited access to complete the course.

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    Some of the topics you will cover include:

    • MQB Add Key CPU + EEPROM - Discover the process of adding keys to MQB instrument clusters by working with the CPU and EEPROM components, unlocking their potential for key programming.
    • MQB AKL KeyTool PLUS and Solder-FREE Adapters - Explore the versatile AKL KeyTool PLUS and its solder-free adapters, enabling efficient key programming for MQB instrument clusters without the need for soldering.
    • MQB RH850 Cable - Add Key - Master the art of adding keys to MQB instrument clusters using the specialized RH850 cable, unlocking a new level of flexibility and convenience.
    • New MQB Locked 35XX - Add Key Using VVDI2 and VVDI Prog - Gain insights into unlocking the latest MQB 35XX instrument clusters and adding keys with the powerful combination of VVDI2 and VVDI Prog tools.
    • VVDI2 Collect Data FULL - Learn how to harness the full potential of the VVDI2 tool, collecting comprehensive data from MQB instrument clusters for in-depth analysis and programming.
    • JCI Multiple Tools - Discover the array of tools available from JCI and how they can be utilized to tackle various MQB instrument cluster unlocking scenarios, ensuring a well-rounded skillset.


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    Each tool covered in the course will be linked under its respective lesson or you can find a variety of tools and machines covered in the course in these bundles:

    You can also find all tools and machines related to the course  HERE

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