Copy of Rosslare - AX-NG - Access Control Management Software - For Control Panels - Level 1 - 64-256 Panels - UHS Hardware
Copy of Rosslare - AX-NG - Access Control Management Software - For Control Panels - Level 1 - 64-256 Panels - UHS Hardware

Rosslare - AX-HIK-L1 - Access Control Management Software - Hikvision License - Level 1 - 2 Cameras/1 DVR

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NSID: 25261

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Rosslare’s AxTraxNG™ version V27.7.x.x is a complete client-server software management system enabling management of modular networked access control panels. This version is integrated with Hikvision Video Integration License which allows IP Camera / DVR / PC-NVR support - requires AxTraxNG version 23.04 and higher. This Hikvision software allows 2 Cameras/Channels, and 1 DVR to be integrated into AXTraxNG Systems.


  • Multi-factor credential support for Card / PIN / UHF / FP Template / Face Template / LPR / and Mobile Credentials
  • Fully integrated with Rosslare Bio8000 and Bio9000 series fingerprint and face recognition terminals
  • Integrates with security and user management solutions such as VMS and NVR
  • Password-controlled for high level of security
  • Compatible with Rosslare’s range of AC-215x, AC-225x, AC-425x and AC-825IP networked control panels
  • Advanced Access Group assignment and complete Access Monitoring capability
  • Manages user data, photo and information fields, access rights, alarms, strike time, and door mode all from one central location
  • Car parking management
  • Produces reports from acquired data such as usage reports, attendance records, visitors and roll calls. Reports can be customized and filtered
  • One server can operate many clients, with different interface languages for each client
  • License plate recognition allows vehicle recognition, monitoring and managing with LPR cameras
  • Mustering capabilities with monitoring of onsite personnel

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    Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
    Minimum PC requirements: Intel i5 2.4GHz or higher, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, LAN port for TCP/IP
    DB version: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express, password protected.
    Supports up to Microsoft SQL Server 2017.
    DB Backup: Backup now option or clear all now option
    Complete DB export configuration or by event (selectable backup and restore)
    Auto file naming for backups
    Automatic backups
    Cameras Supported: 2 cameras/channels
    DVR's Supported: 1 DVR
    User capacity: AC-215: 5,000
    AC-215B/IPB, AC-225B/IPB, AC-425B/IPB: 30,000
    AC-825IP: 100,000
    Up to 16 credentials per user and user credential double authentication by reader and
    time zone
    Networks: 1024 controllers: up to 10,000 readers
    Supported Access Control Panel Models : AC-215/215IP, AC-215-B /215IP-B, AC-215-DIN, AC-225/225IP, AC-225-B / 225IP-B, AC225-DIN, AC-425/425IP, AC-425-B / 425IP-B, AC-425-DIN, AC-825IP, AC-825IP with
    Panel Networks Communication Interface:

    Serial (RS-232/485), TCP-IP

    Communication Speed : 9600, 19200, 57600 and 115200 bps
    Time zones: Up to 256 time zones that can be assigned to Access/Reports/Update
    Holidays: Up to 64 holiday dates, synchronizes with MS Outlook
    Supports multiple reader modes: PIN only, PIN and card, PIN or card, card only, Desktop
    Alarm handler: Advanced event color coding of Tamper/Forced/Antipassback/Input Alarm events with
    confirmation status/ email notifications
    User dual authentication: The reader grants access only for two credentials per user per access


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