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*Discontinued* TANGO Synchro Maker Volvo Software Activation

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NSID: 8442


With this software, you will add the capability to your Tango of syncing Volvo CEM Modules and ECUS.

This is advanced software that will allow you to calculate the synchronization ID and repair a broken chain of synchronization between the Engine ECUs and CEMs once you have the dump from each of these modules. The follow ECUs and CEMS are supported:

  • CEM Modules With 28F400 Processors
  • CEM Modules With 93C86 Eproms
  • Engine ECUs With 93C56 Eproms
  • Engine ECUs With 24C04 Eproms
  • Engine ECUs With 95P08 Eproms

Please allow 24 to 48 hours to process