The Diagnostic Box - TDB003 - Proximity / Smart Key Tester - UHS Hardware
The Diagnostic Box - TDB003 - Proximity / Smart Key Tester - UHS Hardware

The Diagnostic Box - TDB003 - Proximity / Smart Key Tester

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NSID: 20654

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The Diagnostic Box TDB003 Proximity/Smart Key Systems Tester offers a simple and cost-effective way to diagnose and test problems relating to the vehicle immobilizer system, which is made up of a number of components. The TDB003 enables the transponder key, remote control operation, external vehicle antenna transmitters, internal vehicle antenna transmitters and transponder antenna to be fully tested to ensure that all parts of the system are working. The TDB003 can display signal levels, frequency measurements, signal waveforms and a number of other useful features.


  • Standard transponder key test
  • Infra-Red (IR) remote control test
  • Radio Frequency (RF) remote control test
  • Proximity/Smart key test
  • Proximity/Smart vehicle antenna transmitter test
  • Proximity/Smart key signal amplitude level indication
  • Radio Frequency (RF) remote control amplitude level indication
  • Transponder frequency indication
  • Oscilloscope waveform function (FAST and SLOW)
  • Proximity/Smart key system scan modes
  • Audible signal indication
  • Transponder vehicle antenna test

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Dimensions 90mm W x 170mm H x 38mm D
Weight 115g
Power 4x AAA NiMh batteries - rechargeable or alkaline
Battery Level Indication on LCD screen
Battery Life >5 hours (based on 750 mA/h NiMh)
Oscilloscope Mode 20 mS/Div (slow) 10 mS/Div (fast)
Scan Mode 2 seconds across screen
Current Consumption 90 mA Transponder
Test 125 kHz Amplitude Modulation
134.2 kHz Frequency Shift Keying (FSK)
Audible Tone for Data Signal
Backlit Blue 128x64 LCD
Operating Temp. Range 32 to 122 Degrees F
0 to 50 Degrees C
Radio Frequency Test 150 to 999 Mhz
Resolution 0.1 Mhz
Infra Red Test Universal Detection Receiver
Coil Antenna Test Dual 125 kHz / 134.2 kHz Sensing
Proximity Signal Test 125 kHz to 134 kHz Range


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