TOPDON - V2200PLUS - Portable Jump Starter and Battery Tester and Analyzer - 12V - Bluetooth

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The V2200Plus is a 2-in-1 jump pack and battery tester that takes on the unexpected. Offering 35 jumps on a full charge, smart clamps to protect against common safety hazards, and features a 300-lumen LED light. A built-in Bluetooth module supports 12V battery tests by pairing an app with Bluetooth. This provides cranking, and battery test reports to let you replace a battery before it dies. The V2200Plus can even act as a charging brick for small devices. Take the V2200Plus everywhere you drive to be prepared for anything.

Includes the Following:

  • (x1) V2200Plus
  • (x1) Jump/Tester Clamps
  • (x1) USB Cable
  • (x1) Carry Case
  • (x1) Multilingual Menu
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Starts All 12V Battery Vehicles

  • The power and quantity of jumps stored in the jump pack lets you jump most passenger vehicles on the road with ease.

Test Lead-Acid Batteries Through The App

  • Use the app to perform detailed battery tests before a battery needs to be replaced. Analyze a battery’s voltage, state of health, and state of charge with charging tests. Use cranking tests to monitor cranking times and cranking voltages. The testing capabilities do not stop there. Check cold cranking amps to the rated CCA, and the overall battery health status for precise knowledge of a 12V battery.

LED Flashlight

  • In any emergency situation, a high-power flashlight is always an asset. The V2200Plus features a 300 Lumen LED light to see in the dark and signal for help. Choose from a solid beam of light, a fast-paced strobe, or a slow SOS mode to signal for help.

Boost Dead or Damaged Batteries

  • Use the boost function for particularly stubborn batteries. TOPDON's V2200Plus can start your vehicle using its BOOST FUNCTION, even if the battery has 0 voltage. Simply press and hold the BOOST button for 3 seconds and start your vehicle within the next 30 seconds.

Test Real-Time Voltage

  • Works as a digital voltmeter by graphing battery charging, discharging, and starting voltage changes.

6 Safety Features

  • Featuring a half-dozen safety features. The V2200Plus protects users from electrical hazards, including sparks from cable clamps touching. The tools also feature the classic ruggedness of TOPDON’s JumpSurge series. Drop, dust, and water resistance makes for a reliable tool no matter the conditions.

Power Essential Devices

  • Fully charge most devices and electronics within an hour! Charge smartphone, tablets, cameras, Kindles, speakers, tire inflators, and more!

Generate Reports

  • Permanently stores all test results and battery data. Whether you’re a professional providing service and documentation, or a meticulous car expert keeping a battery log, we know you’ll appreciate having test results when you need them.


    Dimensions: 267*157*106 mm (10.5*6.2*4.2 in.)
    Weight: 1460g (51.5 oz.)
    Peak Current: 2200A; 500A 2S
    Battery Capacity: 16000 mAh 3.7V; 59.2Wh
    Input Port: Type-C
    Bidirectional, PD60W; 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓3A, 15V⎓3A, 20V⎓3A
    Output Ports:


    DC: Max 16.8V⎓10A
    Clamp Cable Lengths: 200mm (7.9 in.)
    Jump Start Capacity: 8L Gas, 6L Diesel
    Protections: Reverse connection, reverse charging, short circuits, over currents, over temperatures, & over discharges
    Jump Volume: 35 Jumps On A Full Charge


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Erik Sanchez
    Great combo of Jump pack and Battery Tester

    So far I've used it for battery testing and compared to other battery testers, its just as accurate if not better than others at labeling the cause for failure. All in all a good deal and price point is nice.

    d richardson
    top notch

    TOP NOTCH!!!
    I will be buying again soon!

    TOPDON V2200Plus – A truly top done power packed little gizmo.

    TOPDON V2200Plus is not just one of those "run-of-the-mill" jump-starters floating around the automobile accessory markets in this day and age. It is beyond that and lives up to expectation if not beyond. It is quite advance in technology, well crafted thoughtfully with a rock solid rugged shape to it and beautiful to look at as well.

    It sure did not disappoint. It just brought that dead box in my car back to life albeit after 2 attempts of boosting which indicated how very dead the battery had been, and it took one level of its power to effectively and triumphantly do so. The dead battery had only 2V left after lying dead in the car for 2 weeks and a little more. I was quite impressed. You could hear a lot of rattling and weird rumbling sound in the hood whenever it sent the boost energy into the car to shake and stir the electrical system into action waiting for you to ignite it, No wonder the instruction gives one just 30 seconds to do so. Well, I chose not to hang around the hood to know why. I just went in straight away to hit the "start/stop" thingy on its head and the car roared to life and into a continuous idling after the second attempt.

    I cannot say much really apart from the fact that every thing about it oozes hi-tech. It is a real cool gizmo indeed along with its trusted companion the "JumpSurge" application which is available on the TOPDON Global Website to downloaded into your phone and will enable you to test the state and performance of your battery alone as well as in sync with the alternator.

    The support of the maker the TOPDON Team Hong Kong was equally superb. No modern day "electronic laden cars" driver (or any car for that matter) should be without one. My truly humble opinion from my very own hands-on experience. Highly recommended indeed.

    So well done TOPDON for a device so top done indeed.

    And last but not the least, thank you to UHS Warehouse for their amazing and impeccable customer support. One rarely found around in these busy and impatient days of ours.
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