Trilogy - IME2-POE - Version 2 Internet Gateway - POE - Power Over Ethernet - Networx (Alarm Lock) - UHS Hardware
Alarm Lock Trilogy - IME2-POE - Version 2 Internet Gateway - Networx - POE Power Over Ethernet - UHS Hardware

*Discontinued* Alarm Lock Networx - IME2-POE - Version 2 Internet Gateway - POE Power Over Ethernet

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Hardwired Gateway, interfaces up to 63 Networx locks with PC network with hardwired Ethernet RJ45 with POE (Power Over Ethernet)

Features and benefits:
IT friendly the AL-IME2-POE is a Gateway device used within the Trilogy Networx wireless system. This Version 2 Gateway combines with wireless wall-mounted expanders and plug-in wireless expanders to cover more building space with 1 IP address vs. 8. The result is an increased range with a reduction in project costs. Installation is simple, with the AL-IME2-POE only requiring access to one RJ-45 Ethernet network cable for both communication and power.

  • Version 2 model virtually the same as the original œversion 1� POE Gateway, but with added ability to expand your Networx lock system with up to 7 Expanders (model AL-IME2-EXP).
  • Expanders cannot communicate with older œnon-version 2� POE Gateways.
  • Next-generation of Networx Gateways.
  • No power supply or adapter needed.
  • Mount within 175 feet (radially) from the intended wireless lock location(s).
  • Open areas increase range while concrete building construction, walls, ceilings, and narrow corridors decrease range.
  • Expanders should be mounted in elevated areas; however, mounting in a drop ceiling can adversely affect signal strength.
  • Preferred mounting position = 6 to 12³ below standard 8-9 foot ceiling.
  • Cost-effective and easier to wire than conventional gateways.
  • Simplified ˜Plug and Play' setup; Networx system automatically identifies all newly powered Expanders and quickly self-determines the best wireless signal pathways.
  • Each Gen. 2 Gateway and a maximum of seven (7) Expanders can be addressed as one group “ IT Friendly!
  • Total of 99 addressable groups supported (addressable by two rotary switches).
  • Both Generation 2 Gateways and matching AL-IME2-EXP and plug-in AL-IME2-PIE Expanders have new modern styling, and three LED indicators, blending into any decor.