Xhorse Keytool Plus Tablet and GoDiag Key Tool Plus Practical Instruction Books 1 & 2

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Xhorse - VVDI Key Tool PLUS Tablet - All In One Key Tool

The VVDI Key Tool PLUS Tablet -- ADVANCED PACKAGE is a professional locksmith tool that integrates the main functions of remote control and chip, anti-theft matching, programming, accessory replacement, maintenance reset, and more in one platform that can be expanded. One device can solve all the needs of daily work. It is a full featured Key Tool with all the features you expect for cloning and remote generation with additional new features to include programming features for BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover support, EEPROM programming, smart key simulation, make a key from file, multiple protocols and more. It's like having VVDI2 + VVDIMB + Key Tool MAX + Mini OBD Tool... all in one machine!


  • Transponder Detection
  • Transponder Cloning
  • Transponder Generation
  • Remote Cloning
  • Remote Generating
  • Frequency Detection
  • Remote Renew
  • IC/ID Clone
  • Vehicle Error Light Reset
  • Key Cutting Machine Control
  • OBD matrix switch
  • Smart Key Simulator
  • Radiofrequency simulator
  • Integrated Key Identification Coil
  • Mercedes Benz infrared read head
  • More functions to be added in future updates

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GODIAG - Xhorse Key Tool Plus Practical Instruction Books 1 & 2

The book KEY TOOL PLUS Practical Instruction covers the introduction of KEY TOOL PLUS tablet, car IMMO knowledge, and KEY TOOL PLUS usage skills. It also includes the frontline engineer's real car key matching operation process and their summarized precautions. KEY TOOL PLUS Practical Instruction provides technical guidance for engineers who need to do IMMO matching and help them avoid operational errors..


  • Help a novice become an engineer.
  • Help an ordinary engineer become a senior engineer.
  • Minimize losses and save your time.

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