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Xtool - AutoProPAD G2 Turbo - Automotive Key Programmer

America's leading key and remote programmer is back, and better than ever! The AutoProPAD G2 turbo is the most technologically advanced members of the AutoProPAD family. They combine the very best of automotive key programming and diagnostic technologies, in a completely redesigned package. The AutoProPAD G2 is the machine of the future, and it’s here now!

The AutoProPAD G2 Turbo includes a brand-new precoding device that provides transponder and out-of-circuit SOIC programming functions. The G2 Turbo and its precoder work in harmony, to provide EEPROM capabilities for the likes of BMW, Mercedes, and more!

Notice: The live support number is no longer active. Support for this product is now handled with an online app; to download click these links for either IPhone or Android.


View List of Compatible Vehicles Here

Redesigned Hardware and UI

Simpler, faster and easier to use and customize!
-Completely redesigned tablet and user interface

26% larger screen size
-10.1" sunlight adaptive high definition touchscreen (1280x800 DPI Resolution)

Over 3x more battery power than the previous version!
-13,000 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery

60% increase in processing power!
-Quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 1.8GHz processor

4 times more data storage and RAM
-64GB SSD(data storage) & 4GB RAM (data buffering)

Upgraded Hardware to keep up with continuously emerging automotive security technologies

ABS Bleeding Airbag Sensor Reset
EEPROM Adapter TPMS Reset
Electric Parking Brake DPF Regeneration
Gearbox Initialization Air Suspension Calibration
Windows Initialization Instrument Cluster
Gear Sensor Calibration Seat Configuration
Headlight Calibration Service/Maintenance Light
Electronic Pump Activation BMS Reset
Electronic Power Steering Cam/Crank Sync
Throttle Relearn Cylinder Contribution
Performance Tire Upgrade Disable Transportation Mode
Fuel Injector Coding ECM Performance Upgrade

When your subscription ends, you can continue to use your unit like normal, but any new updates will not be available to download. Also, on-the-vehicle technical support is only available to users with an active subscription. Please note that when your subscription ends, you have 30 days to renew your subscription. If you fall outside of a subscription for more than 30 days, if you decide to renew again, you will be charged a $150 reactivation fee. At $600/year, or $50/month, it's silly to not just keep your subscription active.

View List of Compatible Vehicles Here

CAN FD is back! Now supports the following models:
(Requires a paid credit for online calculation. Credits can be purchased HERE)

JMA - NOMAD - Portable Key Duplicator Machine

The New JMA NOMAD key duplicating machine offers a compact design with the mobile locksmith in mind. The NOMAD precision, lightweight and compact design delivers a high-quality duplication service. Make sure the Nomad is your next travel companion!

  • LIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY The NOMAD is 6.5 Kg in weight, 26 cm in length and 5 inches between Jaws centers. It's the ideal solution for van set up and mobile locksmith professionals.
  • 4 WAY JAWS AND ERGONOMICAL CLAMPS High quality steel jaws for precision cutting. Four way jaws allow greater ease and reliability in the clamping of the keys.
  • FLUID MOVEMENT OF THE CARRIAGE The carriage offers smooth wheel movements which facilitates duplication and reduces the force needed to operate the machine.
  • MICROMETRIC ADJUSTMENT This calibration system allows an exact adjustment of the tracer and guarantees cut precision.
  • NYLON ABRASIVE BRUSH It helps you achieve the perfect finish of the duplicate key.In addition, being made of nylon prevents the operator from suffering accidental cuts while working with the machine.
  • WORK SAFETY The NOMAD includes a safety mechanism that shuts down the machine in case of power loss. When power is restored, the machine must be switched on manually to resume operation.



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